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General Insurance

Here’s how we can help you:

1. Policy Review

We will review the insurance policies you have now and assess whether they represent good value for money. We don’t want to interfere IF your current insurance broker is looking after you well so we will provide honest feedback on the cover and cost effectiveness of your existing insurance policies.

2. Policy Management

If you are well insured at a cost effective price but don’t feel confident in the service provided by your current insurance broker, we can take over the management of your existing policies. We believe in being available for our clients throughout the year – not just at renewal time. We enjoy a client retention rate of 94%, so we must be doing something right for our clients!

3. New Cover

If you are paying too much or you are under insured or worse, UNINSURED, then we will help you obtain the best insurance cover for your needs and budget.

We want you to be able to sleep easy at night, by not having to worry about any uncertainty of your insurance covers keeping you up at night. Call us for a free Business Insurance health check on 02 9601 0105.