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Under Insurance

It’s a simple truth – we think it will never happen to us. Yet insurance claims are made every day and that’s when people discover they don’t have enough cover. The financial and emotional impact of discovering you have inadequate insurance can be devastating and adds to the sense of loss.

Research shows SMEs are significantly under insured

When the Insurance Council of Australia conducted research on the insurance habits of small to medium-sized businesses, it found:

  • 26% of SMEs do not have any form of general insurance
  • 40% of sole traders operate without any insurance
  • Business owners did not consider increases in stock value, profits or other business variables when calculating their insurance cover

When was the last time you checked the value of your business assets?

Not just your buildings, cars and equipment (although they are important). But the full range of your assets and the potential risks that could really impact on your business operations and your profitability. Things like computer breakdown or theft, fluctuating stock levels and workers compensation.

Don‘t wait until you need to make an insurance claim

Let us help you work out your likely business insurance risks and the amount of cover that suits you and your budget. We make it easy with our free insurance health check.

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